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Five Areas Of Focus For The Next Generation Of Office Users
May 24, 2017 Community News

Five Areas Of Focus For The Next Generation Of Office Users

Quadrant Investment Properties is focusing on the next generation of office users, allowing its tenants at The Centrum to tap into their greatest asset: their people.

As Class-A office buildings nationwide undergo renovations to stay competitive in a market favoring modern, high-end amenities, the focus has shifted toward upgrades that create a more comfortable work environment that encourages collaboration.

In Dallas, The Centrum is finalizing a $25M makeover to transform the iconic Uptown building into a workspace ready for all generations of tenants, utilizing five office features that are redefining workplaces. 

1. Natural Light

Access to natural light throughout the day helps keep circadian rhythms in line, improves morale and promotes productivity. It can also prevent fatigue and insomnia. Custom-designed environments that provide lots of light and fresh air have become key factors when deciding to lease an office. 

Reputable dining concepts with large windows, the largest outdoor rooftop deck with a fire pit in Uptown, a modern tenant lounge and a 40-person conference room with massive windows all attracted tenants to The Centrum. 

Access to natural light also complements facilities like Vive Gym, an upscale fitness center with spa amenities, and The Lawn, an outdoor courtyard perfect for grabbing a daily dose of Vitamin D.   

2. Technology

From apps enabling seamless communication to smart conference tools that allow anyone at a meeting to share their screen with the press of a button, technology is transforming the workplace, sparking collaboration among co-workers.

The Centrum's cutting-edge technology upgrades make it attractive to innovative companies recruiting top talent. The building is equipped with WiFi throughout all the common areas, providing tenants with more dependable infrastructure and allowing them to focus on groundbreaking work. 

Technology is on display from the moment tenants step inside The Centrum. The modern, open two-story lobby will display a massive digital screen for informing audiences. The screen will be used to showcase beautiful, engaging images, adding to the ambiance of the space.

The Centrum also launched its progressive web app on May 11 in conjunction with Honeycomb to assist tenants with real-time communication. The platform supports collaboration and socialization through polls, amenity updates, building news, events, local offers and space reservation. The app is one part of owner Quadrant Investment Properties' mission to accommodate tenants with state-of-the art apps, videoconferencing and wireless access for plug-and-play flexibility throughout the building.

3. Communal Space

Today's workforce is ambitious, tech-savvy and creative, with notably different working styles than past generations. Cafés and lounge areas have replaced cubicles as productive spaces, and mobile technology has only further enabled the work-from-anywhere mindset.  

Companies have taken advantage of their employees' increased mobility by designing offices that increase the probability of random interactions that lead to innovative, fresh thinking. 

At The Centrum, co-workers have access to numerous amenities to not only foster collaboration and informal gatherings, but also privacy when focused work is necessary. Tenants can have recharge peacefully on The Deck, a tenant lounge and rooftop, take small collaborative meetings in the courtyard tenant lounge or have casual interactions with colleagues in the outdoor courtyard. 

Communal spaces also offer a place for tenants to unwind. The Centrum’s large roof deck is the perfect place to grab some fresh air. Tenants can use the lounge to socialize with colleagues and grab a beer on tap, or the Vive Gym to get in a workout session with a personal trainer or take a yoga class to de-stress.

4. Dining Flexibility

Office improvement trends focus on providing tenants with choice and control. Offering employees a variety of dining options gives them more control over their daily schedules and allows them to eat better. For all generations, flexibility and a good experience are crucial factors in deciding where to grab a meal.

Tenants at The Centrum this fall will have an Italian chef-driven restaurant and a dual concept café and pub by a well-known Dallas operator, which is accessible right from the lobby. Well-known Dallas restaurants Mattitos and Steel are already welcoming diners at The Centrum.

5. Modern Open Office Space

Well-designed workspaces contribute to individual and organizational performance. The Centrum offers forward-thinking companies an open canvas to create a balance between creating visually appealing spaces and open floor plans with much needed acoustical privacy.

Quadrant Investment Properties recently completed the renovation of a 43K SF space offering an open canvas where a company can create an aesthetically inviting workplace that reflects its corporate culture. A floating conference room with floor-to-ceiling glass within the space provides the privacy needed for meetings. The area also offers an unusual amenity: a basketball court. The large open floor plate provides multipurpose spaces to create an evolving work environment, while sharing the natural light and the views. 

If landlords are looking to attract great talent, it does not hurt if prospective employees leave their interviews fantasizing about the space.

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